Ludum Dare In Just Three Days and Seven Hours

As some of my followers on twitter noticed, I made a remark about competing in the Ludum Dare Competition.  Today I am going to give a small post about what Ludum Dare is.  Ludum Dare is a game making competition, where competitors have just forty-eight hours to create a game.  They must work solo, and have to include the source code.  There is a separate competition in which participants can compete with a seventy-two hour deadline, and they are allowed to use a team.  This year I plan to enter the Ludum Dare Jam which means that I will have seventy-two hours to create a game based on a theme that is chosen at the start of the competition.  For this competition I will be having Sarge Havoc come up for the weekend.  I will attempt to make him post a blog, while I catch catnaps, but no guarantees.  Now let me steal a quote directly for the Ludum Dare website.

Ludum Dare is a regular accelerated game development Event. Participants develop games from scratch in a weekend, based on a theme suggested by community.

Ludum Dare was founded by Geoff Howland, and held it’s first competition in April of 2002. Since then the community has run more than 18 regular Events, dozens of practice competitions, collectively creating thousands of games in just a weekend each.

The event attracts developers from all sides of the industry. Students, hobbyists, industry professionals from many well respected game studios, as well as many independent game developers.

For many people, it can be difficult to find or make the time create a game or prototype for yourself. We’re here to be your excuse.

Over the next few sentences, I will inform you all how to join and post the rules here as well.  You can join by going to their website and creating an account.  All you have to do after you join is wait for the theme to be decided, and then you can start.  After you get the game finished in the time limit, you get to upload it to the site.

Competition Rules and Eligibility

Ludum Dare Competition rules are stricter than the Jam rules. This is to encourage a fairer playing field for participants. The core rules are:
You must work alone (solo).
All game code and content must be created within the 48 hours. **
Games must be based on the theme.
All libraries, middleware, content creation, and development tools are allowed.
Source code must be included.

The code from a game written in 48 hours isn’t likely to contain anything super top-secret, which is why we ask you to include it. Instructions for using or compiling the code is not required; It’s mainly a formality in case we need to deal with disqualifications. This does not mean open source, just included source. You retain all rights to it. If you do not wish to provide source, consider entering the Jam instead.

Jam Rules

The Jam is our new “relaxed rules” Ludum Dare event. It takes place concurrently with the Ludum Dare Competition, but goes a little longer. To contrast the competition, here are the equivalent 5 rules:
You can work alone or in a team.
Create a game in 72 hours.
Games should be based on the theme.
All libraries, middleware, content creation, and development tools are allowed.
Source code is not required.

Jam entries are not judged, but as a participant in the Jam, you allowed to judge games in the competition.

If you’re working in a team, pick one member to submit and represent your game. No matter the number team members, each game is only worth 1 participant. If other team members wish to help out with the judging, ask them to play and rate other entries on your behalf.

I hope everyone wishes me the best of luck and I hope to pay more attention to the blog in the very near future.  You can always follow me on Twitter by following @mikeward2534.  This is Digital Maniac out.

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