Humanity in Perspective

Before your eyes grace my inadequete thoughts, I would like to appologize for my abscence. Life is the curious thing, truly, and more so in how it tends to keep you busy. I would also issue warning to those who are prone to over-thinking, as these are almost sure to raise thoughts, and stir opinions. That said, read at your own risk as I suspect greatly these thoughts will leave some form of imprint upon your minds.

Humanity, a masterful race, one that has conquered seemingly everything in it’s domain. The land produces fertile crops at a rate and quality perhaps thought impossible ages ago. We have tantalized the ear with such sweet musical creations. We soar across the skies, as our ancestors once fantasized of doing. We reach the depths of the sea, to swim amongst wonders thought only to exist in our minds. We have touched the moon with our feet, and reached the heights of the stars.  Humanity has come far, in it’s so infantile existance. But have we really?

While great strides have been made in the pursuits of achieving a higher standard of living, we’ve also generated more than enough suffering to offset such great claims. We’ve killed ourselves since the dawn of time, and perhaps even before then. We have broken rocks across our skulls. Run each other through upon steel. Utilized cannon, and rifle to massacre each other. Bathed ourselves in nuclear fire. And in the future, perhaps even more atrocities. Humanity, may be a great creation, be it of science, or the incorporeal powers that be, but it is also a very dangerous and tragic one.  Humanity is a violent, impulsive and ‘bratty’ race. We want, we take, we destroy, and we care nothing of the consequences. In pondering over what I believe to be a masterpiece of anime ‘Blue Submarine No.6’ and several creative writings belonging to people I am priviledged to call my freinds, I have often wondered. If Humanity shared this Earth, with another, or several other sentient beings capable of defending themselves from us. Co-existing with us. Would we still be so ‘ignorant’?

The answer cannot be found in one man, or any other, until the time comes that such a co-existance be made possible. To which I doubt will occur in my lifetime. However, I will concede defeat upon Humanity’s part, in such a challenge. A greedy selfish race we are, in the deepest recesses of our hearts. Driven to such atrocities as rape, robbery, murder (Regardless of cause or reason. Even war, is only ‘justified’ murder.). If another species were to occupy the ground on which we walk. Nothing would change. People would still exist in poverty, racism would still pervade our minds, violence would still haunt our minds and bodies, and Humanity, will still seek to prove itself superior to every other thing on the planet (and at such time, perhaps beyond.). Africa, children starve to death daily, without having enough of anything to meet even the most basic of needs. Women are beaten and raped. Men die fighting for survival. Disease runs rampant. And guess what? I bet the majority of the people scanning this passage, even gave a damn. Why? Because we have what they don’t, take it for granted, and still have the gaul to say ‘I want more’. Me, me, me, take, take, take. This is the case with almost every single being on Earth. This philosphy would not change if another intelligent species shared bread with us. It would merely expand it’s grasp. Humanity, for all of it’s greatness. Is still nothing more than a speck of dust upon a pile of mud.

I’m certain several people will disagree with me. Perhaps in anger, or understanding. It doesn’t matter. These beliefs are my own, and shall never be altered by outside intervention. We are flawed. Regardless of if it was because Adam and Eve bit at the flesh of that accursed fruit of the tree of knowledge, or because it was imprinted upon our DNA at the begining of our species. I want you to see it like that for a moment, imagine your on the outside, looking in, for lack of a better analogy. Imagine that you are another species, one that has surpassed the need for violence, one that can observe us. What would you say? How would you compare Humanity to yourself?  People have asked me before, why do you think Aliens have not come before us before? Because we aren’t ready. Humanity might feign happiness, brotherhood, and peace. But for only so long. The general populace of Earth would just leech upon them and spread the disease of our tragic stigma that is greed. I’m fairly sure that if such species of life exist, that can observe us, and have been. That is exactly how they see us. An un-unified group of ‘apes’ still fighting amongst ourselves for crude oil, depleting the world of what never was ours to begin with. Selling it to each other to fill our pockets with money, that truly, would have no value anywhere else but here, and only because we say it represents something. A group of unintelligent misifts, that still battle the ravages of hunger. That still induldges itself with such sins that I cannot even begin to count. (Not to confuse my use of the word sin, with those termed in the bible. Mine is on a far broader scale.)

Ask yourself. Is Humanity, really as great as it lays claim?

Sarge Havoc, drilling opinions and stimulating conversation into your minds since 1993.

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  1. I 100% positively and with complete certainty claim that indeed, humanity IS as great as we claim. It takes a narrow and pessimistic view to only see the proportionately insignificant number of people who do “sin” by killing, being greedy and the selfish use of the planet’s natural resources.

    I was once just like you. I’ve thought and written the sames kinds of rants. I totally get it.

    However, the vast majority of human beings are in fact peaceful, care about the planet, and do not wage war. You are focusing on the tiny few who are bad and completely missing the normal, common, boring majority who are good. All you see is what you see on the news: the one in a million who is evil. You filter your experience to only see what is bad, and this cynicism and negativity is, IMHO, the greatest sin of all. A failure to see what is blatantly obvious: that 99.999999999% of the people around you are kind, unselfish, loving, considerate, gentle and caring.

    You would look upon a vast field of wildflowers and see the one candy wrapper and exclaim that the entire world is nothing but litter.

    My holiday gift for you is this alternate perspective. It can be yours for the incredible price of zero dollars. All you have to do is accept it and suddenly you will see the good that you have missed for so long. You only have to look.

    Kind regards and happy holidays! =D

    • To be honest, I’ve read over your reply several times, and yet could never quite find words to reply with. At one time, I wished to damn you. At another, I desired to agree with you. And this time, I desire to thank you. My eyes do indeed see things from a narrow view. Be it due to my environs, or simply due to my lack of life experience. I do sincerely thank you for your opinion on the matter, and express gratitude for the view point. Merry Christmas.

      -Sarge Havoc

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