I apoligize.

Akismet, the spam filter for the comments on this site may be over zealous. I hope it didnt block anyone’s comment that wasn’t spam. If so email me and let me know. It already deleted what it blocked, so I apoligize again.

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  1. Are all your legitimate comments going to the askimet bin? I actually really appreciate askimet. Having a blog well on the way to 2 million hits and thousands of comments, I can tell you that askimet has truly been a boon to my blog. Without knowing more about your problem it’s hard to say. I can say that a move from wordpress.com to blogger (if that’s what you’re considering), is a huge step backwards; I’ve had both. Have you entered words into the blacklist filters that wordpress offers?

  2. No I haven’t listed any words in the black list. It may just be I had 19 spam comments and two legitamate ones. I really do appreciate your commenting on this, it allows me to know that not all comments are getting eatin, and I do mean eatin. My major concern with the spam filter was that I never got a chance to review what it called spam. (And I did check the spam filter.) I wasn’t planning on switching to blogger, but moving to another free host that supports WP. Although after seeing that some legitamate comments make it through I might do some tests, and I may stay here. Anyways I do appreciate the comment and I really enjoyed your site. This next sentence is for all my readers, you might enjoy Fracas blog, head over there and check it out, its definetly a good read.

    //Digital Maniac

    • Askimet has been plugging away for years now, and so many of the spam you don’t get to review really are spam with a capital ‘s’. As the askimet service has grown older, it has ‘learned’ to identify spam so that we don’t have to. In the early days, it didn’t catch as much as now, but as we many thousands (millions) of bloggers have moved spam that did get through, to the spam bin, askimet has learned from that… in the future labeling comments from that email address and/or IP address as spam to be caught in the future.

      As your blog gets more popular and you get more hits and comments, you will be grateful for not having to review the spam comments… it’s time consuming. Occasionally, my blog has shot up in hits due to something I’ve written and there are times that it would’ve been impossible to review the spam. Spam comments at my blog run at about 10% of my hits, so (for example) the day I had 13,000 hits, I could’ve seen 1,300 spam. In the grand scheme it really is useful.

      In your reply you mention 19 spam and 2 good comments. Were the 2 good comments in the spam bin or the moderation bin? If they were in the spam bin, there may be other reasons for that. Occasionally, someone leaves a comment using language that ‘sounds’ like spam and so gets flagged… that can happen, but it’s not necessarily the fault of askimet, in those cases, askimet is actually working properly.

      Hope that helps! Thanks for the plug to my blog, new fraccers are always welcome!

      • I appreciate your help, after seeing comments getting through to the blog I decided to stay here at WP for a little while longer. The good comments were in the moderation bin, so thats fine with me. I can see how Akismet might be useful as my blog grows, which it has been everyday. I guess I’m really not a fan of software that “learns” then acts on its own. I emailed Akismet support the other day, and they were nothing but helpful, so maybe I need to think rationally once in a while.

        To all my readers: The blog will stay here for the time being, and I am working on a New Years Suprise for you all.

        Thanks for your thoughts Fracas, if you ever feel the urge to send some readers to a randomish blog, im right here. Anyways so far spam seems to be the greater portion of my hits, but thats probably due to twitter. Stay tuned for a post in the very near future.

        //Digital Maniac

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