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I have been promising a blog post for a while now, and I think that its time to keep that promise.  Today its going to be short, sweet, and to the point.  Today I want to announce locations where you can download numerous amounts of free stuff.  I personally will be hosting free items related to game design, or making your desktop look nicer.  Let me first describe a few items that I will be hosting for download here, or on my other blog.  If you go to my other blog, and scroll to the bottom of the page you will see what items are available for download.  These will be changed occasionally, whereas the other link will have all of the downloadable files on it.  I currently have my game, Quest of Discovery, a hex-color chart for you website designers, a new set of icons, and small set of backgrounds.  If you want to take a sneak-peak at what the icons look like in action, continue to read this article, a picture will follow. The icons are also available in a white variant, though the picture only shows the black variation.  I will also be putting some collections of free for personal use fonts up.


Now let me start the list of places to get good free downloads. << Ebooks and downloads << Good games/ on twitter @indiegamescom << Misc downloads occasionally. <<Freeware and Shareware programs, lots of different downloads. <<Fonts and more fonts.  Mostly free for personal use only.


That’s all I’ve got for you now, stay tuned for more posts in the near future.  As usual, this is Digital Maniac out.



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  1. Hey, great post. Great blog. It is fresh and to the point. I just read literally dozens of blogs, because I can’t sleep, and yours is by far the best quality. You know it is rare to find decent content on these things… Most of them are cheap and spammy.

    • Thanks for your input, I hope you continue to swing by. I don’t have a lot to say in reply to your comment so I will sign off now.

      //Digital Maniac

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