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Life is so wonderfully crazy sometimes.  Today I am going to give a little insight into what my life is like and how it can be wonderfully crazy.  At the end, I want to welcome all comments and questions.  Consider this a get to know the author of a small indie game company/blogger a little better post.  Anyway let me get onto the post/rant thing.


My life is very similar to most nineteen year olds, except for the fact that instead of going to school I work 40+ hours of work, then blog on the side.  I still do all the things teenagers do, though I gave up the life of partying nonstop a few years ago.  I still spend time with friends, and I am in the process of attempting to get me a nice girlfriend.  Although that seems to be the crazy part of my life anymore.  I have been talking to this girl for over a year now, and due to extraneous circumstance I have just recently started trying to go out with her.  She just got out of a rocky relationship, and now her ex who constantly screws up every relationship he happens to be in, keeps on calling/texting her.  Every time they date, he winds up cheating on her, my question to all of my dear readers is, “Should I try to get him to quit contacting her, or should I maybe just go ahead and ask her to a date?”  Keep in mind that I really do like this girl as a friend, and I want whatever makes her happy.  I know I didn’t give you much to go on, but that’s all I can say without making it obvious to any of my local readers, who I am talking about.


Anyways, let us talk about me for a little bit.  This post will serve as a small “About Me” post until I get the about me page up and rolling.  My name is Michael, but I answer to Michael, Mike, Mickey, Ward, Maniac, or Digital Maniac.  On most online games/forums I use my company name “DestinyDesignLabs”, 11011011, or Digital Maniac as my nickname.  I am a nineteen year old male who enjoys playing games, posting random blog posts, creating my own games, and hanging out with friends, I am a liberal person with anything, I am liberal with the posts I make, and liberal in the content in some of my games.  I hope to never cause anyone offense, but at times I may do that on accident.  If that happens, feel free to leave me an email or post explaining how I offended you and I will attempt to rectify the situation.  I am a big fan of spell check and grammar check in my word processors.  I enjoy to fish and golf.  Now let’s delve a little into my background.  I grew up in a small town in the panhandle of Florida.  I was born into a low-middle class family, who sometimes struggled to make the bills.  I can never say that I went hungry, but I can say that respect anyone who works to support their family to the best of their abilities.  I started working construction with my dad in his company at fifteen, while still going to school.  After I finished school and the recession hit, I had to look for a different profession.  I finally found a job as a technician at a computer repair shop in my hometown, where I currently work.  I decided right before I started here that I wanted to start making games and websites, which is how I began my indie game company with Sarge Havoc.  I am planning on competing in as many small online game making competitions as often as circumstances allow.  I hope to eventually go into game design full time, but I do have some back-up plans just incase.  I try to stay as up to date about technology break-through as possible, and that’s why most of my posts will be technology oriented.  I don’t really have a certain audience that I attempt to appeal to, though I do my best to make sure that my posts are at least PG-13.


Now I am going to quickly go over some of the things that get on my nerves.  I hate people who take offense at unoffending material, I find it extremely hard to deal with people who spam the comments of a post with irrelevant materials I mean at least spam it with somewhat relevant material.  I also dislike it when people constantly criticize/make fun of people for the way they dress, the way they talk, their sexuality, their choice of music, and the line of work they do.  I have many friends who are far from this society’s standard of perfect, but they are all fun to be around.  I want to challenge my readers to give these people a second chance, they are human too.  They deserve to be treated fairly, just like you and me.  Another thing I dislike is someone who likes to start fights.  I know these things probably get on most peoples nerves, but these are some of the things that really get me raging in a short period of time.  I will attempt to have the about me page up soon, but until then, I want everyone who has a question to post it in the comments.  I do want to state that all reasonable questions will be answered, but if I believe your question/comment is spam then I reserve the right to delete/edit it.  Not only can you post your questions for me here, but you can feel free to also post your comments on this post here.  Have a good stay here, and don’t forget you can check of my game design blog here, or you can follow me on Twitter here.  You can also get a message to me by emailing me here.  You can also find me on the large game design chat-rooms from time to time.  Till the next post, this is Digital Maniac out.

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