Posting Might Be Slow

As the holidays start to draw near, and work is picking up, I regret to say that I might be limited to how much I will be able to post. Sarge Havoc, is in the same boat, with alot of work to finish by the first of the year. I still plan to post atleast 3-4 times a week, and Sarge said he would try to post about the same number of times per week. We hope to get some new readers, as soon as we find exactly with niche we can have fun posting in. For anyone who has decided to give this blog a chance, we thank you. We hope to find our niche in the very near future.

This is Digital Maniac out.

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New anti-violence game laws?

Apparently California is attempting  to create a law in which people who sell games that feature violence to humans will pay a fine or tax.  Yes you read that correctly, games that feature violence to humans.  Supposedly a game in which all the players are androids or elves or any non-human race, can have all kinds of violence without incurring this fine/tax.  Also no one has stated what exactly too violent is.  I will keep you guys informed on this soon to be hot debate.  I will continue to make new posts as new information is made available. 

Apparently doing some research I came up with this site Apparently California is still attempting this, because as of Election Day they were still fighting for it.  As soon as we get more information we will let you know. 

 This is Digital Maniac out.

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Welcome to the new Digital Sarge blog

Here me (Digital Maniac) and my little buddy (Sarge Havoc) are going to blog about a little of everything.  The one theme we are going to attempt to keep is “Expect the Unexpected” or “Man that was Random.”  Be prepared for numerous random blogs that hopefully you all will find interesting and informative.  If anyone wants an itenerary of our posts, all I can tell them is there should be atleast six posts per week.  This is Digital Maniac out.

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